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100% of people who tell you you’re too sensitive are saying it because they don’t want to be held responsible for your reaction when they mistreat you

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Anonymous: Vanessa was not in head to toe desi clothing Anyone can wear paisley/ printed clothing. I understand the bindi coming off offensive but everything else was fine and if she wants to wear a bindi let her, is she saying anything bad or mocking peoples beliefs? There's a difference between offending and admiring a culture.

Now I’m thinking we’re not even looking at the same picture because this

is not “paisley/printed clothing”, this is full on traditional South Asian dress that she has appropriated from another culture that is not hers.

And on top of all this nonsense, the bindi is actually worn by people who follow the Hindu religion, it is a religious and historical icon and if you actually knew a thing about Hindu or Desi/South Asian culture for that matter — which are pretty much requirements to actually respect and admire another culture instead of, oh I don’t know, stealing something culturally significant just because you think it looks cute — you would be just as offended.

This is not Vanessa Hudgens dressing up in admiration of Desi/South Asian culture, this is Vanessa Hudgens being offensive to Desi/South Asian culture because if she actually knew anything about it she would know that she shouldn’t do this in the first place.


Muslim men don’t even inspire women to wear hijab they try to patronize them into it. Comparing women to dirty chocolates and lollipops isn’t inspiring, it’s degrading. And it’s insidious because  these men know that.