Some Ground Rules:

- This blog is free of all racist, ableist, sexist, fatphobic, queerphobic, and transphobic shit and I will tolerate no one who brings these things into my space

- I don't mind answering questions or asks about social justice topics but please remember that I am not here specifically to educate you or anybody else

- I will gladly tag all of my posts if anybody feels triggered or uncomfortable by what I blog but again please remember that this is my blog and I will always put my own safety and mental health first

- This is my space and if you respect me then I will respect you. Simple as that.

Let's keep it positive folks! : )

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hoppskotch: Ah! Thank you for making that all clear. I figured that's what it was. I was like, "Something about this definitely is not right and I have a hunch it's the hair." Thanks again for being patient with the slow learning white queer. Have a nice day.

No worries! : )

"Women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego"
-(via saturniine)


Marissa needs your voices and support more than ever!
Standing Our Ground Week of Action starts today!
July 25-Aug 1: LET’S TAKE ACTION!

Organize in your communities or post a photo for #SelfiesForSelfDefense and show your support and love online.

Say it loud and say it proud: Free Marissa Alexander!

This blog is against 50 Shades of Grey and sees it for what it truly is: glorification of abuse on women and literal trash



I’m naked what’s up

definitely not anyone’s dick