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Did anyone else find Grouplove's song Colours super offensive? I understand that they were trying to sound supportive, but they ended up just sounding dismissive and patronizing on one hand (it’s the colours you have/no need to be sad/it really ain’t that bad) and suspiciously like white-privilege!splaining on the other (so when you see me flying by the planet’s moon/you don’t need to explain if everything’s changed/just know i’m just like you). Not to mention that they culturally appropriate the fuck out of the music video. I’m pretty sure you can symbolize how you and your white hipster friends are “othered” in society (HA) in other, less offensive/extremely racist ways Grouplove. The irony that your name is “Grouplove" is not lost on me. Oh yeah, and fuck you.

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tagged as: cultural appropriation. racism. feminism. politics. racial politics. native american appropriation. white privilege. hipsters. whitesplaining. music. bands. Grouplove. FUCK YOU.

posted on December 14, 2011

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