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- This blog is free of all racist, ableist, sexist, fatphobic, queerphobic, and transphobic shit and I will tolerate no one who brings these things into my space

- I don't mind answering questions or asks about social justice topics but please remember that I am not here specifically to educate you or anybody else

- I will gladly tag all of my posts if anybody feels triggered or uncomfortable by what I blog but again please remember that this is my blog and I will always put my own safety and mental health first

- This is my space and if you respect me then I will respect you. Simple as that.

Let's keep it positive folks! : )

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"Men are not the victims of sexism. It is impossible for a man to be the victim of sexism. Just like it’s impossible for a white person to be the victim of racism. Reverse sexism and reverse racism are words invented by white men to label anyone who questions their power and unconscious desire to crap all over minorities and women. Next we’re going to have “When is it International Men’s Day?” - the answer: every day. “When is it white history month?” - every month. Grow up. Your loss of entitlement doesn’t mean you’re the victim of sexism."

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