Some Ground Rules:

- This blog is free of all racist, ableist, sexist, fatphobic, queerphobic, and transphobic shit and I will tolerate no one who brings these things into my space

- I don't mind answering questions or asks about social justice topics but please remember that I am not here specifically to educate you or anybody else

- I will gladly tag all of my posts if anybody feels triggered or uncomfortable by what I blog but again please remember that this is my blog and I will always put my own safety and mental health first

- This is my space and if you respect me then I will respect you. Simple as that.

Let's keep it positive folks! : )

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My Top Ten Favorite Queens:

Season 2 - Jujubee, Raven

Season 3 - Raja Gemini, Carmen Carrera, Manila Luzon

Season 4 - Latrice Royale, Sharon Needles, Chad Michaels

Season 5 - Alaska Thunderfuck, Jinkx Monsoon

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posted on April 27, 2013

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