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When someone makes fun of your friends:


POSSIBLE TW: There are days when I wonder why society forces us to love our families just because we’re biologically related.

There have been so many times when I have hung out with family members who will belittle me or undermine my feelings and I’ll realize how undeserving they are of my love.

Like, they just expect me to give it to them when they don’t even try to earn it or even worse don’t treat it with the respect it deserves.

How many kids would have turned out ok if they were actually allowed to choose their own families — people who actually did shit to deserve their love and attention, and were grateful for such a precious gift?

How many kids wouldn’t have fucked themselves over trying to earn the love of family members that not only didn’t give a shit but didn’t deserve it in the first place?

I have no respect for people who hate on others for putting their friends before their family members — forcing others to love the very people who are the cause of their abuse and oppression is fucking abuse logic.

That type of thinking is fucking dangerous and toxic and I have zero fucking patience for it.